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Honolulu Attorney Defending You Against Sex Crime Charges

Sexual crimes are some of the most serious crimes with which you can be charged.  Not only do they carry lengthy prison sentences, but you could have to register as a sex offender and face public humiliation.  Even worse for the most serious crimes, you could be monitored or even subjected to strict probationary conditions for the rest of your life!

If you live in Hawaii and have been charged with committing a sex crime, you should hire knowledgeable and experienced legal counsel, such as Mr. Holcomb, immediately to ensure your rights are properly defended.  

Being arrested for a sex crime can be devastating to you and your family.  Lengthy jail and prison terms are often handed down in State and Federal courts.  Once you finish your prison term, you may never escape the stigma of a sex offender.  In the State of Hawaii, all types of sex crimes are considered very serious by law enforcement officers and the judicial system.

It is very important that you hire a criminal defense attorney who has experience defending clients who have been in similar situations.  Mr. Holcomb has litigated cutting-edge issues that arise in child pornography cases.  Mr. Holcomb has been trained by some of the nation’s leading criminal defense experts on how to handle complex discovery, jurisdictional, and sentencing issues unique to child sex crimes.

For anyone charged with sex crime, it could  seem like you are guilty long before your day in court comes. Simply because thes type of criminal offenses raise such a stink throughout the community and with law enforcement, building an effective defense can seem to be a impossible undertaking.

How Do I fight the stigma of a sex crime charge?

At Holcomb Law LLLC, we take each and every measure to make sure that when its time for your case to go to trial it will take place reasonable just environment, in which the details will be shown and accuracy and reliability is essential. Thorough jury selection is essential, particularly if the community has been inundated with coverage by the media prior to the trial. To handle any kind of unnecessary preconception or prejudice, my firm will be reluctant to make a statement to the media on behalf of our clients, or even request the court to relocate the trial to a district where the case has not been exposed to the media. You can certainly depend on the Holcomb law firm protect your rights to make sure you will not be refused a fair trial as a result of preconception of others.

Do Not Wait. Contact a Honolulu Criminal Defense Lawyer for a Free Initial Consultation.

If you have been arrested for, or charged with, any type of sex crime you should contact a Hawaii Sex Crime defense attorney, such as Mr. Holcomb, to discuss your case. We have the legal skills and experience to successfully litigate even the most challenging Hawaii violent crimes cases.


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