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Accused of a theft or property

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Property Crimes
Burglary, Trespassing, Vandalism (Criminal Damage),
Theft, Extortion, Robbery, Fraud, Video/Audio Pirating, Identity Theft, Forgery
There are a wide range of crimes that can be classified as Property Crimes or Offenses against Property.  While a few are misdemeanors, most are very serious criminal charges that could carry serious prison terms.  If you live in Hawaii and have been charged with committing a Property Crime, you should hire knowledgeable and experienced legal counsel, such as Mr. Holcomb, immediately to ensure your rights are properly defended.

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Being found guilty of a Property Crime not only could easily result in imprisonment, but also a conviction could stigmatize you and prevent you from doing what you would like to do later in life, such as working for the Federal Government, or banks.  Also, the punishment customarily includes “restitution” which could cause you serious financial problems.  In short, if you are found guilty of committing a property crime, the legal consequences are serious.

Honolulu Criminal Defense Attorney Providing Representation to Those Accused of Property Crimes.

Not only do you need an experienced criminal attorney for any property crime, some Property Crimes cases will necessarily require your lawyer to possess specialized knowledge, such as accounting, in order to best represent you.  If you have been arrested for, or charged with, any type of property crime you should contact a Hawaii Property Crime defense attorney, such as Mr. Holcomb, to discuss your case. We have the legal skills and experience to successfully litigate even the most challenging Hawaii Property Crimes cases.


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