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Hawaii Drug Crime Conviction Carries Serious Penalties

A variety of charges could be considered “drug crimes.”   The types of charges range from petty misdemeanors, such as simple possession of a small amount of marijuana or other drug, to the very serious, such as participation in an ongoing drug-related criminal enterprise or manufacturing and distributing drugs.
Even minor charges can be stressful, however, and carry the risk of serious penalties upon conviction; the more serious charges, of course, can give rise to even more severe consequences including lengthy terms of imprisonment and forfeiture of significant assets.
Mr. Holcomb has had vast experience in litigating drug cases from highly complex federal drug conspiracies to petty misdemeanors commonly referred to as “simple possession.”  Mr. Holcomb can assist you in any drug case and will fight zealously to protect your rights.
Even minor drug charges can result in a criminal record that can last for the rest of your life.  Thus, it is important to contact a competent Hawaii Drug Crime Defense Lawyer, such as Mr. Holcomb, as soon as possible in order to protect your legal and constitutional rights against a federal or state drug charge.

Search and Seizure in Drug Cases:

The Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution and Article I, Section 7 of the Hawaii Constitution protect against unreasonable searches and seizures.
A search may involve an inspection of the person or his or her surroundings or property, and seizure refers to taking the person or property into police custody. In order to search or seize a person or property, a police officer must either have a warrant or meet certain legal standards.  If there is an invalid warrant or those legal standards have not been met, all evidence obtained as a result of the search and/or seizure may be suppressed from evidence.  Suppression means that the prosecutor cannot use the evidence against you at trial.  More often than not (but not always), suppression will result in dismissal of the case.

Honolulu Criminal Defense Attorney is On Your Side.

Mr. Holcomb has extensively litigated search and seizure issues.  Mr. Holcomb has convinced courts to suppress highly incriminating evidence such as crack and guns, saving clients years (if not decades) in prison!


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