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If your chemical tests, whether administered by blood, breath, or urine, show that your blood alcohol content (BAC) was above the legal limit or that you are under the influence of another intoxicant, your case is not necessarily hopeless.  An investigation of a case by Mr. Holcomb may reveal that the reliability of the chemical test were unreliable and/or that the test results should not be considered by the court!

In order to be convicted based on a breath or blood alcohol test, the State must first admit that evidence.  If the prosecutor cannot admit the evidence, you should not be convicted of a “per se” DUI.  Mr. Holcomb has successfully excluded the chemical alcohol test results in numerous cases!  Call now to find out how!  (808) 435-6287.

Suppression for constitutional violations and the State’s inability to lay a proper foundation for the evidence often result in the court finding that the test result is inadmissible.

Many factors can lead to an inaccurate test result. Depending on the type of specimen and analysis, the following are some of the factors that should be investigated to ensure the reported chemical test was accurate:


•Radio Frequency Interference – which may be caused, for example, by a police radio, a microwave, or a cellular telephone;

• Mouth Alcohol During Collection of a Breath Sample – which is the presence of alcohol in the mouth, which was not intended to be measured by the Intoxylizer and will result in a false reading;

• Foreign Objects or Substances in the Mouth (for example, a tongue piercing, dental bridges, dentures, braces, etc.);

• Reflux Disease may increase acidity and force alcohol upwards into the mouth or esophagus, thereby creating a false reading;

• Method of Blood Extraction and/or qualifications of the person who drew the blood

• The Blood or Urine Sample must be stored, transported, and preserved properly.  Otherwise, it may become scientifically impossible to determine an accurate reading indicating intoxication; and

• Proper Elimination of the Breath or Urine Sample from the Body

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These are just some of the possibilities.  In fact, there are entire Sections in legal treatises dedicated to the many methods by which a chemical test result can be inaccurate or tainted.  Each of these possibilities deserves to be investigated by a competent and dedicated DUI or OVUII defense attorney like Mr. Holcomb.  Although no lawyer can guarantee positive results, Mr. Holcomb is well-prepared to litigate the issue of whether your chemical test was inaccurate.  Depending on the circumstances, the court may even hold that the test result is inadmissible regardless of its accuracy!  Your case is not hopeless.  Call me now.  (808) 435-6287


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