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Top Five Questions you should ask before hiring an OVUII or DUI lawyer

Top five questions you should ask a DUI lawyer before hiring them

1. How many cases do you take each month?
The truthful answer for most lawyers when asked this question is “as many as I can get.” Some lawyers will accept fifteen, twenty, even thirty cases per month. In Attorney Holcomb’s opinion, this does not permit the OVUII lawyer to spend an adequate time on your case. Holcomb Law, LLLC only accepts three to four OVUII cases per month. This is enough to leave an adequate time to investigate, file appropriate motions, and to prepare for your defense. If a lawyer accepts twenty cases each month, there is no way he or she can prepare your case, remember the important issues in your case or aggressively litigate those issues.

2. Will you handle my OVUII case or will another attorney?
Often, clients are surprised when they hire an attorney only to have a different attorney appear in their court hearings and/or at the ADLRO. No other attorneys are employed by Holcomb Law and Mr. Holcomb is the attorney who does the work and makes the appearances in his client’s cases.

3. Can I contact you directly or do I have to go through a paralegal or assistant?
In some OVUII or DUI firms, communicating with your attorney is overly complicated because the number they provide the provide to clients is to the office and/or the email address they provide is to their paralegal or assistant. This means you cannot contact the lawyer directly when you have a question or concern. Mr. Holcomb forwards his office number to his cellphone. Mr. Holcomb also provides his direct e-mail address to his clients to ensure that his clients have appropriate access when they have questions or need information.

4. How will you handle my ADLRO proceedings?
In most cases, if an essential police officer does not appear to an ADLRO hearing after having been subpoenaed three times, you will prevail at the ADLRO. However, even if the cops all show at the ADLRO, you can benefit. The ADLRO proceedings are an opportunity to make the cops testify under oath. This allows the attorney to find out how the cop will (or had better) testify in court. Unfortunately, a number of attorneys “waive” the cops’ testimony when they show up at the ADLRO. In Mr. Holcomb’s opinion, unless you are deriving some benefit from a “waiver,” this is a foolish practice. Lawyers should investigate everything they can find out and what better way than to have the cops testify.

5. Will you guarantee a “win”?
No one has a crystal ball. If an attorney is guaranteeing you a “win,” you should probably seek a different lawyer. The lawyer is telling you what you want to hear. Holcomb Law has a remarkable historical success rate that has been accomplished through performing fundamental necessary work. Still, Mr. Holcomb will never guarantee anything other than if you plead guilty, you will be convicted. This is not a reflection on the skills of a lawyer but of his or her willingness to be truthful with you.