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Should you be facing a felony Driving under the influence ( DUI ) charge, you're freedom and future are in jeopardy. You need an experienced Honolulu DUI attorney in your corner who will fight for your rights and protect your future!

Your rights and your foreseeable future all are on the line. I realize this, and i’m prepared to make use of my experience and knowledge to fight for every single right that is afforded to you is respected and upheld. During your free case evaluation, I’m able to carefully examine the best possible defense strategies, so that as your case develops, I am going to make sure you are well-informed of each and every development. You will find that I will offer you the best accessible, skilled felony DUI defense possible!

The majority of Driving under the influence charges in Hawaii are generally misdemeanors, which often carry severe fines and penalties. Nevertheless, it is possible to face harsher penalties and fines if found guilty of a felony DUI should you be arrested for a 4th or subsequent OVUII or Driving under the influence ( DUI ) offense. This will likely get you a Class C felony charge,that is punishable by as much as Five years imprisonment along with a $10,000 fine.

A drunk driving charge could also turn into a felony should you be charged with causing a Drunk driving accident, particularly if another person was hurt or killed in the accident. With regard to DUI manslaughter the wrongful death of an individual  you may be arrested for a Class B felony, punishable by up to Ten years imprisonment along with a $25,000 fine.

Call my Honolulu DUI law office 24/7: and schedule your free consultation to Discover your DUI defense options.

If you have been charged with a Hawaii felony DUI it is urgent that you contact an experienced Honolulu OVUII defense lawyer with a successful tract record who will fight for your rights and protect your future.


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