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RICO (Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) is actually a particular term used for a wide range of severe white collar criminal offenses such as money laundering, bankruptcy fraud, insurance fraud, bribery, counterfeiting, theft and a large variety of other serious federal crimes, such as drug and firearms charges.  Whenever charged under the RICO act, this is a really serious legal issue and urgent action should be taken to protect and defend your freedom and legal rights by contacting, as well as hiring, legal counsel who is a experienced Honolulu Hawaii criminal defense lawyer.

In a number of cases, analysis of federal government investigations that are usually intent upon fighting organized RICO criminal activity can lead to the discovery of  violations of the constitutional and  legal rights of the accused in search and seizure violations or other constitutional or  procedural violations that can serve as a basis for the defense or dismissal of the charges.  This is only one of the feasible strategies for the particular defense of the accused in RICO charges.  This may also necessitate the help of expert witnesses or perhaps an independent investigation in order to prevent a conviction.  In every court case, the full assets of attorney Rick Holcomb and his legal team will always be put to use in order to discover how to best move ahead with a formidable defense of a criminal charge.

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Federal investigators that are involved in RICO violations are definitely not going to let an individual off easily in cases where they believe that a person has been involved in RICO violation crimes.  Your case will be aggressively prosecuted, and if found guilty, you might spend up to 20 years or more in federal prison, dependent upon the particular crime.  Confronting the possibility of many years of incarceration is actually terrifying and a real probability if you are charged with a federal RICO violation.  Every legal and ethical effort should be taken in order to be able to defend you, and attorney Rick Holcomb will relentlessly engage in every legal and ethical method of defense feasible in your case, and will negotiate to minimize the damage to your future if this is required.  An aggressive defense will be presented on your behalf.


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