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Been charged with a Honolulu DUI on Federal Land?

If you’ve been charged with driving under the influence (DUI), the laws and regulations in Hawaii provide for serious penalties that will expose you to the potential risk of being locked up in jail, significant fines, and possible suspension of your driving privileges. Depending on your profession, a DUI conviction may also result in action against your professional license as well as other unfavorable job consequences, including termination. For comprehensive and personalized representation of any Hawaii drunk driving charges, contact a skilled Honolulu DUI defense lawyer.

At Holcomb Law our approach to the defense of Hawaii federal DUI cases entails a thorough evaluation of the circumstances of your DUI arrest, regardless of whether it happened at a DUI road block or during a traffic stop, to determine whether or not there is grounds to file motion to dismiss based upon constitutional violations may result in an early and successful resolution of your DUI case. In the event the prosecution appear that they will continue to trial, we will concentrate on getting a independent examination of the toxicology evidence in an effort to challenge the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) evidence in your case.

Aggressive Defender for All DUI Charges in Honolulu

When a person has physical control or operates a motor vehicle on a federal road or highway accessible to or used by the public in an intoxicated or impaired condition intoxicated by drugs or alcohol, The federal law creates a presumption that anybody having a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .08 or higher is believed to be impaired. In order to determine a person’s blood alcohol content (BAC), Federal law creates a presumption or simply implied consent that each and every motorist on a federal road or highway accessible to or used by the public consents to provide a breath alcohol test, or blood alcohol test. Refusal of implied consent may result in a different charge, jeopardizing suspension of one’s driving privileges based upon this particular charge on it’s own. A DUI conviction may result in jail time; loss of driving privileges; court costs and fines and may have serious repercussions beyond the criminal fees and penalties, which includes increased insurance rates, job loss and keep you from obtaining employment, along with educational opportunities.

Should you be facing a federal DUI charges in Honolulu, Hawaii your not alone there is someone that will look out for your best interests that will fight for your rights and protect your future by making certain he takes advantage of all the legal defenses available. You ‘must’ have somebody who has the skill and the knowledge to challenge the results of a breath test, question the arresting police officers testimony, or has the courtroom experience to argue the facts and request the judge dismiss all or part of the drunk driving case against you for any breaches of your constitutional rights.

Skilled DUI Defense Lawyer Fighting for Your Rights

Therefore, you need to have an experienced and capable Honolulu DUI defense attorney, whom is familiar with the particular ins and outs of the federal DUI laws as well as who’s obsessed with protecting and fighting for your rights and defending your future. Attorney Rick Holcomb has been very successful in obtaining dismissals, acquittals and reductions in drunk driving cases throughout Hawaii. Every single DUI arrest is different in in Honolulu HI; nevertheless ,keep in mind that attorney Rick Holcomb is a highly skilled Honolulu DUI defense lawyer who at all times begins with the goal of obtaining a successful out come in your case weather it be through dismissal or reduced charges.


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