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Federal criminal crimes generally is categorized within any one of seven classifications, that happen to be much like those seen in State criminal systems. The seven types of federal criminal acts are listed below:

Theft and Fraud

This particular category entails all those cases referred to as white collar crimes. Typically the offenses most often charged under this area consist of: trying to hide financial assets in a bankruptcy, having false documents to enable you to defraud the U.S. Government; creating fictitious credit applications; banking institution and fraudulence bank deposit accounts; utilizing a computer, television, or radio air ways to commit a fraudulence crime towards another; and money laundering.

Sex Offenses

The primary federal sex criminal offenses are usually sex-related abuse; aggravated sexual physical abuse; sexual exploitation of a child; and violent or abusive sexual contact. Within these criminal cases, the case can only be prosecuted in a federal court in the event that either the presumed criminal act took place on federal property or the individuals involved with the criminal offense communicated or traveled over state boundaries.

Child Pornography

Nearly all of these kinds of federal crimes include trafficking, selling, distributing, or possessing child sexually graphic material by means of utilizing computer systems along with the internet. Due to the fact computing devices and the internet are nearly always a part of these criminal cases, your Honolulu Hawaii federal criminal defense lawyer will need to have knowledge of how the internet, computers and other online devices work.

Firearms Offenses

The most typical federal firearms crimes are usually those who have been convicted of a felony having a firearm in their possession; Possessing an unlawful or Unregistered Gun; and ultizing as well as having a Firearm while carrying out a Drug Trafficking Offense.

Crimes against a person

Probably the most prevalent of these criminal acts prosecuted within the federal court system tend to be murder, manslaughter, and assault (all these develop into federal crimes whenever it’s believed the criminal act took place on federal property or on the ocean body of water; kidnapping (transporting the victim across state boundaries will make it a federal criminal case); robbery (the believed criminal offense has to obstruct “interstate commerce” for this to be a federal criminal matter); along with bank robbery (this is a federal criminal case since the lending institution’s funds are protected by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation).

Drug Offenses

The majority of criminal acts include selling, manufacturing or distributing cocaine, crack, marijuana or any other unlawful substances.

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