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HI DUI / OVUII attorney
with a proven track
record of winning!

You need an attorney
that focuses on DUI.

DUI has very specialized information unique to DUI/OVUII cases, such as field sobriety testing and chemical alcohol tests.

Mr. Holcomb has spent tens of thousands of dollars and weeks of his time traveling all over the nation to acquire the skills and knowledge to understand the evidence and present your DUI/OVUII case to a judge or jury.

Mr. Holcomb is the first known civilian in Hawaii to obtain certification as a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Field Sobriety Test Instructor.

Mr. Holcomb is a certified Intoxilyzer 8000 (breath test machine) operator.

Mr. Holcomb is certified as an analyst of blood testing using the enzymatic assaye method currently used in Honolulu.

Richard L. Holcomb has been
involved in Criminal Defense
Practices since 2001.

As reflected by his accomplishments, Mr. Holcomb has extraordinary experience as a criminal defense attorney. Mr. Holcomb has successfully litigated numerous Alcohol-related Cases. Mr. Holcomb has also served various roles in high-profile and nationally-publicized cases where the clients achieved remarkable results.

Mr. Holcomb is dedicated to zealously advocating his clients’ positions and leaving no leaf unturned in his investigation and research of clients’ cases.

Mr. Holcomb prides himself in the results he has achieved for his clients and the satisfaction of past clients. Only through hard work, experience, and vast knowledge of criminal law can Mr. Holcomb attain such satisfaction – not only for his clients, but for himself.

Whether you are charged with a misdemeanor or a Class A felony, Mr. Holcomb understands how important your case is to you. Accordingly, Mr. Holcomb is dedicated to providing impeccable service to his clients. Mr. Holcomb recognizes the importance of answering clients’ questions at this often confusing time in their lives. Mr. Holcomb strives to always return client phone calls the same day and to compassionately guide clients through the process toward achieving a favorable result.

Mr. Holcomb also strives to meet with new clients as soon as possible in order to ensure that the client’s rights are immediately protected.

Mr. Holcomb is also
a dedicated family man.

Mr. Holcomb’s wife is a local physical therapist. The Holcomb's have a ten-year-old son. They have extensive family in the Philippines with whom they maintain regular contact.



Ninety percent of
Mr. Holcomb's practice is
focused on Hawaii DUI defense.

As a dedicated DUI defense lawyer, Mr. Holcomb is in court and/or the ADLRO almost every day. Ninety percent of Mr. Holcomb’s practice is focused on Hawaii DUI defense. This is the “bread and butter” of Holcomb Law, LLLC. As such, Mr. Holcomb takes this very serious and has a personal interest in the outcome of your case.

Mr. Holcomb strives to continue to educate himself in the complex issues surrounding DUI defense. Mr. Holcomb spends literally thousands of dollars and weeks of his time every year learning the intricacies of DUI law and science from the nation’s greatest DUI lawyers and their experts.

Mr. Holcomb recognizes that your livelihood and future may be at stake. And, Mr. Holcomb believes that his reputation is also at stake. While no favorable guarantees can be made in any case, Mr. Holcomb will put forth his best efforts to ensure that your case is dismissed. Mr. Holcomb enjoys an outstanding track record in this regard. For some of Mr. Holcomb’s actual accomplishments in real Hawaii DUI cases, please see the following: Why Hire Honolulu DUI Defense Attorney Rick Holcomb

Vehicular accident where defendant was unconscious and taken to the hospital – dismissed!

Convinced Court that State failed to establish that .177 BrAC (breath test result) was reliable or admissible – client found at trial not to be a “highly intoxicated driver!”

Alleged Refusal dismissed from ADLRO proceedings!

Alleged Refusal reduced to four month suspension in ADLRO proceedings!

DUI charge following an accident from which the client fled was dismissed despite the fact that the accident occurred while awaiting the court date for the client’s first DUI.

Two DUI charges dismissed despite both were charged within a two-week period.

Assisted in obtaining Deferred Prosecution where highly intoxicated defendant assaulted victim with a beer bottle causing serious and permanent injury to victim’s face.


Mr. Holcomb has served a variety of roles in defending citizens accused of participating in major crimes. Included among these cases are major federal drug conspiracies, murders, sex crimes, and cases involving important search and seizure issues. Many of these cases were “high profile” and several gained national media attention. Mr. Holcomb has been very dedicated to his clients and many defendants consistently achieved remarkable results.

Mr. Holcomb has represented a number of clients on appeal. Mr. Holcomb was consistently hired by other lawyers to draft appellate briefs and otherwise assist in cases due to the product that Mr. Holcomb consistently produces. Defendants/Petitioners in those appeals have received extraordinary relief and have been saved years in prison.

Mr. Holcomb gained widespread notoriety when he convinced Tennessee Courts that Tennessee’s “Crack Tax” was unconstitutional. This holding was affirmed by the Tennessee Supreme Court in a separate opinion and based on Mr. Holcomb’s briefing.

Mr. Holcomb has also been invited
to speak at several criminal
defense lawyers’ seminars.




These cases are examples of Mr. Holcomb’s accomplishments that were achieved in specific cases with specific and unique facts. Other attorneys assisted in some of these cases. Although Mr. Holcomb strives to provide the best possible results for all of his clients, the facts of your case and legal issues presented will determine the outcome of your case.