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Richard L. Holcomb is a highly experienced criminal defense lawyer based in Honolulu.  He has dedicated his practice to the defense of individuals and entities charged with crimes.  However, Mr. Holcomb is not simply a Honolulu criminal defense lawyer, but a Hawaii criminal defense lawyer.  Mr. Holcomb will represent clients in all kinds of criminal matters throughout the state of Hawaii.

Mr. Holcomb has handled many trials, both jury trials and bench trials (where the judge makes the decision) and litigated numerous complex criminal cases to their conclusion.  Mr. Holcomb has handled a number of high-profile drug and murder cases, several of which gained national media attention.  Mr. Holcomb consistently produces excellent results on behalf of his clients.  We encourage you to review Mr. Holcomb’s “accomplishments,” posted on this website.

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Mr. Holcomb has never been a prosecutor.  He has always been on your side.  He believes that defense strategy requires defense focus.   Mr. Holcomb also believes in serving his clients.  Mr. Holcomb strives to leave his clients satisfied by quickly addressing client questions and concerns, and by tackling tough issues on behalf of his clients.

Whether you find yourself battling legal issues, or you simply have questions regarding the law, call Richard L. Holcomb at (808) 783-8438.

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